Nicole Pomarico
March 02, 2018 1:00 pm
Walt Disney Studios

There’s a new weight loss trend making its way around the internet, and it is not okay  — or even safe. Originally gaining popularity in Japan, the “Cinderella weight” challenge is actually terrifying, and it’s a dangerous weight-loss method to use if you’re trying to slim down.

According to Marie Claire, the challenge is basically to lose so much weight you become the same size as Cinderella. Yes, we are talking about the animated (read: NOT REAL) character from the Disney movie. According to reports, you find your “Cinderella weight” by taking your height in meters, squaring it, and then multiplying that by 18. That number is the amount in kilograms that you “should” weigh if your proportions were the same as Cinderella’s.

For instance, a 5-foot-tall woman’s “Cinderella weight” would be 89 pounds, giving her a BMI of 17 — considered underweight by the World Health Organization. And while BMI measurements aren’t perfect, and every body is different, the WHO doesn’t just throw around words like “underweight” for no reason.

Let’s be real: Not only is that a lot of math to do for a very unrealistic (not to mention unhealthy) weight loss goal, it doesn’t even make sense. In other words, the Cinderella weight challenge is BS.

Of course, trying to compare your proportions to a Disney character’s is a pretty bad idea to begin with because that’s not the way real, human bodies are made. Not only can this lead to some really unhealthy ways of thinking, but achieving a “Cinderella weight” could put you in a dangerous position.

Yeah, Cindy kicked butt getting away from that evil family of hers, and she’s got a hell of a singing voice, but as much as we want to believe, she’s simply not real, and if she was, her body wouldn’t look the way it does in the movie.

The Cinderella weight challenge is already taking Twitter by storm, and all kinds of women are tweeting about it. Fortunately, most of them are just as outraged as we are.

These tweets are right — this is a damaging, body-shaming trend, and honestly, Cinderella would be pissed. She did not spend all those years cleaning up after her evil stepsisters just to have women putting themselves down in her name.

It doesn’t matter what Disney character you most resemble, whether it’s Cinderella, Ursula, or that chicken from Moana. Being healthy and happy is what’s most important, and chances are good that you’re beautiful just the way you are.