When deciding to dress as a Disney princess for Halloween, you might run into a few speed bumps. Do you want to be human Ariel or mermaid Ariel? Casual Belle or the yellow dress Belle? Royal Tiana or froggie Tiana? It’s a tough choice – Disney princesses are amazing in all shapes and forms.

A very talented cosplayer figured out a way to incorporate two different versions of Cinderella into one outfit. Belinda Christie, who goes by Bubbly Bee, built a dress that can transform from the pre-fairy godmother classic brown housedress to the beautiful baby blue gown in a matter of twirls. A video of her showing how the outfit transforms has gone completely viral, and it’s easy to see why. The creation is so elaborate that it’s hard to tell where the bits and bobbity boos are hidden. Even her bonnet comes off in the process!

Belinda spoke to US Magazine after winning Judge’s Choice at a FanX cosplay contest at Salt Lake Comic Con in Utah. “I created the pattern and sewed the dress myself, which took about two weeks of sewing but a month of planning,” she said. “I managed to finish the dress the day of the competition and the [viral] video was the second time of me ever doing the transformation.”

She didn’t have the help of a single cartoon bird.

Belinda said that she was inspired by a cosplay group in France who created tear-away Elsa costumes, but her incredible gown even rivals the one used in Cinderella on Broadway. She is currently studying costume design in school and can’t believe the exposure the viral video has brought her. “It does make me happy to see the positive response,” she said. “I started cosplay with the purpose of building a portfolio of what I was capable of, to gain experience, and build some sort of name for myself when it came to trying to find a job in costuming… I’m so grateful for the opportunity and kind responses.”

We hope all of Belinda’s dreams come true. Clearly, she’s got the talent to make it happen.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here with my version of a magical Cinderella transformation …

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