Are you terrified of the Internet right now, because you’re terrified of Star Wars spoilers? Me too! Ever since the movie premiered Monday night, I’ve been wary to refresh my Twitter feet, for fear that there might be a stray spoiler. I had to Google Star Wars earlier today, and I held my breath for a good few seconds, praying that no headlines would pop up with any hints of the plot. It’s been a stressful few days.

Now with Star Wars TWO DAYS away (or ONE DAY away if you’re seeing a Thursday night screening), we’ve got a new hope. Chrome knows we’re trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers, and they’re here to help. They’ve released a Force Block extension that helps you avoid webpages that might include spoilers, and warns you about them ahead of time.

Adding the extension is as easy as jumping to lightspeed. All you’ve got to do is enable it in your browser, and Force Block does the rest. If the extension detects some key words from the page that could lead to spoilers, it let’s you know what your about to see might not be spoiler-free (and taking it one step further, Google even has a list of people who have seen the movie, and their pages have been flagged like the Rebels trying to land on the moon of Endor).

The screen that pops up for Force Blocker displays some clever Star Wars puns, and then still gives you the chance to continue on anyway. This is going to be especially hand for those who aren’t rushing to check out a Thursday night show, or a Friday screening, and don’t even have plans to see it this coming weekend.

If you want to add it to your browser, the extension can be found here. I know that Yoda says fear is the path to the Dark Side, but spoilers are, too.

(Image via Lucasfilm.)