Karen Belz
Updated Sep 19, 2016 @ 10:51 am
Credit: Tabby Cat/ Leslie Zacharkow

Have you noticed that your tabs on Chrome are — well, a little boring? Wondering if you can find a way to jazz them up? Well, do we have news for you! There’s a new Chrome extension called Tabby Cat, and it’ll turn your internet browser into your own little Neko Atsume.

Credit: Tabby Cat/ Leslie Zacharkow

Or, kind of. While you can’t buy materials for your cats to play with, you can earn stuff over time. First? The yarn. Then? The coffee mug. After that? Other stuff that we’re not totally sure about, since we’re not there yet. (But if coffee is item #2, you know the rest of them are going to be incredible. Some research shows that a donut and a unicorn horn are definitely in the mix somewhere.)

One of the best things about this extension, besides the fact that it’s free, are the silly names that each cat comes with.

Credit: Tabby Cat/ Leslie Zacharkow

There’s likely a word generator programmed somewhere in there, but all we know is that it’s impossible to have a bad start to your day when “Prancy Giggles” and “Firey Treasurechest” lovingly greet you in the morning. Plus, when you realize that rare cats are in the mix, you’ll wonder why your tabs have taken such a long time to be fun and interactive.

Chrome users can download the extension here, but be warned — a Tabby Cat addiction might just follow.