Sammy Nickalls
December 29, 2015 10:46 am

Christmas may have been four days ago, but thousands are talking about one Christmas tree in particular that is going totally viral… because it was lit up in the window of an abandoned hospital.

Lisa Walley Staggs, a nurse who works at Tulane Medical Center, noticed something beautiful-yet-eerie outside — a lit-up Christmas tree in the window of the Charity Hospital across the street, which has been closed since Hurricane Katrina.

“Charity [H]ospital has been closed, it’s [sic] windows darkened, since [H]urricane Katrina, and is a gloomy and dreary sight on the best of days. . . at night it’s downright scary,” Lisa wrote on Facebook, along with a picture of the Christmas tree. “Until tonight.”

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Lisa’s post has since gone viral, with over 15,000 shares, and others have even gone to the hospital to check it out for themselves — such as Mike Arbon, who also works across the street from Charity Hospital. “[I]n the middle of the dark building is this small bright Christmas tree that was put in the window,” he wrote. “It’s really pretty and little creepy. It gave me chills when I saw it and of course made me think of my brother, who passed away at charity hospital.”

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“Woah… is somebody living in there? What in the world?” someone commented. “That kinda makes it creepier to me. . . like are ghosts having xmas up in there?”

Others think someone homeless may be living there, while still others think it’s supernatural. A spokesperson from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center said that the university police are currently investigating the light, according to WWLTV.

Although this sounds like something straight out of an eerie horror movie initially, once you move past the creepiness of it being an abandoned hospital, it actually is really nice. Even in a gloomy building, someone in there was determined to have a merry Christmas. We hope they have a wonderful New Year. <3

(Images via Facebook, Twitter.)