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Even if you think you’re the ultimate Christmas lover, it’s still only one day (or one month, or two months, depending on your level of commitment to celebration) a year.

But for some holly jolly people out there, Christmas is all year round. . . because they’ve got it permanently inked on their skin. It’s not Christmas, it’s Inkmas! Here are just a handful of the X-mas ink we found Instagram.

This one is reminding us just how cute Rudolph really is.

And how sweet his love is for Clarisse. Yes, we know all about Rudolph’s love life. What?

Oh look, it’s a sleepy owl with a santa hat!

Seriously, TATTOO GOALS.

This is some no joke dedication to A Christmas Story.

And this is some serious dedication to Christmas in general.

It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas tattoo and it’s awesome.

Some have opted to officially become Elsa-like snow queens with their tattoos.

Others have transformed their hands into works of Christmas art.

And some holiday tattoos just involve penguin wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. Yes!

Merry Inkmas to all!


(Images via Instagram.)