Teri Wilson
June 07, 2016 5:10 pm

We absolutely love Chrissy Teigen, and clearly we aren’t the only ones.

Chrissy (our imaginary BFF forever and always) just posted a new pic to Instagram and at first glance, it’s simply another photo of her looking flawless (werk!). But then we got a glimpse of the caption and realized there was more to the post than we originally thought. Teigen captioned the shot, “Ready to speak at WME|IMG Town Hall with my DEAR FRIEND Martin Scorsese (I call him Marty LOL) #goodfriends”

So is it safe to say that Chrissy Teigen and Martin Scorsese (aka “Marty”) are Hollywood besties? It certainly sounds like it.


Color us intrigued. And just a little bit envious…unless she’s cooked for her pal Marty before. Then we’re full-on jealous.


You’re killing us, Marty.