Johnni Macke
May 21, 2016 9:09 am
John Legend/ Instagram

Attention all Chrissy Teigen fans (or anyone who loves babies), the supermodel is back at it with a new Snapchat photo that will brighten your Saturday morning. Everyone loves a good Snapchat picture and baby photos, so Chrissy combined the two and added in her beautiful husband for good measure!

On Friday night, the Cravings cookbook author snapped a shot of John Legend cradling their daughter, Luna Simone, as they were both taking a snooze. Chrissy took the shot and added in some of her own artwork while they were on a plane together. Talk about cuteness overload!

Chrissy Teigen/ Snapchat

The trio was recently in New York while John was promoting his new Broadway show Turn Me Loose, which would definitely explain his plane nap. “[Luna] is doing really well. We do sleep less but I’m just adjusting,” John told Today on Thursday. “I think people have been having kids for a long time, we’re not the first people to do it and I think your body just figures it out and we’re having a great time.”

This might be the first time we’ve seen Luna and her dad on snapchat, but the 5-week-old baby girl is already Snapchat famous on her mom’s account. Even though Chrissy claims she doesn’t know how to handle social media now that she’s a mom, she seems to be figuring it out with style and humor.

Chrissy Teigen/ Snapchat

“[T]hank you for all the well wishes!!! we are so happy and excited! i dunno what to tweet now,” the new mom wrote on Twitter three days after giving birth. “[D]oes my twitter change? this is so awkward.”

Chrissy says it is “awkward,” but she is killing it at the Snapchat game. The model and first-time mother has been slaying it on her social media story by using all the latest filters. Come on, she is a dog starring at her sleeping baby. What could be more adorable?

The 30-year-old mom didn’t stop there however. She also rocked some serious eye candy (or jewels) and made fun of her new model-off-duty status in another snap. We don’t know about you, but we’re loving her bright pink lips!

Chrissy Teigen/ Snapchat

John isn’t doing too bad with the baby-on-social-media game himself, with adorable Instagrams like this one:

Ah, Chrissy we love you and your adorable fam.