Chrissy Teigen is NOTHING if not an awesome sport. Remember how good-natured she was about her crying face become a meme? She once again proved how game she is to stumble in the public eye this past Thursday, when she posted a video of herself taking a crack at reporting the weather for ABC13 in Houston.

Okay, so she kind of forgot what day it was and that’s kind of an important thing when reporting the weather. But you know what, we ALL forget what day it is, sometimes, that’s just a side effect of being busy people leading busy lives. We forget it’s Thursday sometimes too, Chrissy, solidarity on the absent-minded front. So yes, she goofed a smidge, but she was such a sweetheart about it, both in the video and in her Instagram caption. She totally acknowledged that weather-girl-ing isn’t as easy as it looks and she was as gracious as she could be to the station for letting her try her hand at the meteorology game.

It’s cool, Chrissy Teigen, there are tons of other things you’re great at, like being a boss model and making us all love you forever.

Plus, as Karen from Mean Girls reminds us, it could have been worse. It can ALWAYS be worse.