Kathryn Lindsay
Updated May 09, 2016 @ 4:53 am
Chrissy Teigen mothers day
Credit: Instagram.com/JohnLegend

A mom’s first Mother’s Day is always special, but John Legend and new baby Luna wanted to make sure Chrissy Teigen‘s would go down in history as the cutest thing to ever be on Instagram. On Sunday, the new dad posted a photo of Luna dressed up in an adorable “Happy 1st Mother’s Day” onesie, along with a special message from John.

“If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud,” he wrote, melting our hearts in the process.

The singer followed this post up with another sweet photo, this time of Chrissy and Luna sharing one of many special moments they’ll have in their lifetimes:

The happy couple celebrated Mother’s Day in the most Chrissy Teigen way possible: making a delicious brunch and looking great while doing it.

According to Chrissy’s Instagram, the family enjoyed “low and slow scrambled eggs, chicken and waffles and roasted bacon.” Uh, our mouths are officially watering and our hearts are as full as we wish our stomachs could be.

It’s hard to believe Chrissy only gave birth to baby Luna on April 14th. So far, the new parents have been very open about Luna on social media, so after just a few short weeks, we’ve gotten to know the little bundle of joy super well through pictures and anecdotes

It’s safe to say we’re in love with this family, and even more enamored with the love they have for each other. We can’t wait to see what other firsts are in store for Luna and her perfect parents — because after all, Father’s Day is coming!