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For some reason, people often treat pregnant women as if their bodies are public property. From strangers touching their bellies to public debates on whether they’re eating the right nutrients, soon-to-be mothers deal with a lot of public intrigue about their personal lives. Add celebrity into that pregnancy equation and all bets are off.

Chrissy Teigen is the latest celebrity to deal with the barrage of inappropriate questions about her pregnancy and body, and she has the perfect response which should be adopted by women everywhere: “Get out of my uterus!”

Over the weekend, Teigen posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram. (She and husband John Legend first announced their pregnancy in a post last week.)

Rampant speculation and inappropriate comments about the size of the bump and if she was having twins began, um, immediately. Teigen’s insanely level-headed response began soon after that.

Teigen was able to stay impressively calm — and delightfully sassy. When she did address some of the prying questions posted be commenters, she opened up about her experience with in vitro fertilization and shut down the negative conversation with honesty, facts, and poise.

This isn’t the first time Teigen has openly discussed her sensitivity to pregnancy questions. She told Tyra Banks on FABlife that she hates “nosy” questions about her fertility issues. Which makes it all the more impressive how calm she was able to stay while being hammered with invasive tweets about her body size and the number of babies she’s carrying.

Wisely, she didn’t engage with angry posts, and instead made it clear that she wasn’t mad at anyone. “It’s my own karma,” she tweeted. “Lesson learned!! Back to food and reality TV.”

There are way worse things to go back to, that’s for sure, but Teigen’s main message is one women will likely be repeating for a long time: “Get out of my uterus!”

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Images via Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram and Twitter