Briana Hansen
July 26, 2016 4:19 pm
Kevin Mazur/Getty images

Kim Kardashian’s latest Inner Circle video series features the very hilarious and awesomely outspoken Chrissy Teigen. And during the course of their conversation, the two friends talked about a lot of things (like motherhood and marriage), but learned that they had something huge in common.

Turns out, they both got in big fights with their partners during the OTHER’S wedding.


Though you need to watch the whole video (which requires a subscription on Kim’s site), People had the full story. Basically, Chrissy admitted that she felt bad at Kim’s wedding because she and John Legend got in a huge fight. She was convinced that everyone else had picked up on it and that it ruined the wedding.

But, it turns out, nobody even noticed (because she jokingly realized that not everything revolves around her).

Kim then chimed in that she and Kanye had gone through the same thing, only it was when Chrissy was saying “I do” to her famous hubby (even though she wasn’t able to attend the wedding).


Apparently Kanye kept texting Kim about how amazing their wedding was and Kim was upset that she wasn’t there and got on his case about it.

Luckily, from the looks and sounds of the two women’s friendship now, this didn’t affect their relationship at all. In fact, the admission may have just brought them closer since they have so much in common. 

And while we don’t suggest everyone go and get in a fight with your significant other on someone else’s big day, at least we know it can all turn out alright in the end.