Here’s a quick Indiana Jones reboot recap to bring everyone up to speed: Disney now owns the rights to the Indiana Jones films and character, and they want to bring him back to the big screen. There was this really great rumor that Chris Pratt would get to play the fedora-wearing Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones in this reboot, and everyone on the planet was like YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Well, for now, we should probably hold off on our Indy-Pratt celebration, because it’s starting to sound like it won’t happen.

It was never truly confirmed that Disney had their eye set on Pratt for the role of Indy, but it was such a good idea we wished on every shooting star for it to come true. Pratt is incredibly in demand right now (in case you hadn’t noticed), and told Entertainment Weekly last spring that he was honored to be included in the Indy rumors, but also worried that if he did land the role, he didn’t want to be the guy who “[&%$#] that up.”

That brings us to today. One of Indy‘s long-time producers, Frank Marshall, recently spoke to Total Film about these casting rumors, and the idea of Pratt playing Indy. Marshall confirmed that the talks to reboot Indy are ongoing, but as for Pratt playing Dr. Jones? Ehhh……

“There are a lot of rumors,” Marshall explained. “We haven’t even sat down to talk about Indy yet… at some point we’ll sit down. But there’s a bunch of people who could probably take the baton… [but we’re] not doing the Bond thing where we’re going to call somebody else Indiana Jones… we have to figure this out.”

What’s the “Bond thing?” Keeping a character alive over 50 years, with a new actor playing him every half dozen films or so. Daniel Craig hasn’t always been Bond, you know. But if you ask Marshall, Harrison Ford will ALWAYS BE Indiana Jones, so they’re not about to pass the name on to a new actor.

That leaves this future Indy reboot going one of two ways: Ford comes back to play Indy (honestly wouldn’t mind that), or the story of Indy continues on with someone new in the title role who is not Indy. Indy does have a son, but I don’t think we want to talk about him. So forgetting about him, there just happens to be a whole classroom full of young archaeological students itching to get out there on an adventure, so maybe Indy could mentor one of them? You know, show them how to run away from giant bolder and stuff?

So in a really roundabout way, Pratt might not be playing new Indy, but he could be playing Indy’s brand new sidekick. Let’s never let go of the Pratt-in-a-fedora dream.

(Images via Disney/Marvel and Lucasfilm.)