Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 01, 2015 @ 10:32 am

Chris Pratt needs our help! He’s in the market for a new Facebook cover photo, and since he’s too busy saving the world — both Jurassic and Lego — he doesn’t have the time make one himself. Also, he doesn’t know Photoshop, and he’s wants this cover photo to be the best cover photo ever. So, he’s turned to the Internet for help. Do you have what it takes to design Pratt’s newest photo, one that will be seen by his 2.2 million Facebook fans?

As he writes on his page, he wants to showcase fan submissions, so “make sure your signature is big enough to be seen.” If your picture is given the honor of Pratt’s FB cover photo, you’ll not only receive bragging rights FOR LIFE, but Pratt also suggests something like, “maybe a free dinner at Applebee’s or something like that who knows sky’s the limit.”

But big question, will Pratt be joining you during that free dinner at Applebee’s? That’s a very important question.

As for this photo, Pratt mentions that it needs to include our favorite Pratt characters: Guardian of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill, Jurassic World’s Owen, Parks and Rec’s Andy, and The Lego Movie’s Emmet. It also needs to include, but certainly not limited to: “Explosions, anything Sly Stallone, Bloodsport, early Steven Segal, anything that looks bad ass and will say, ‘Hey this Facebook profile is Chris’s and this is what he’s all about.'”

So far the submissions he has received are amazing and hilarious. Pratt’s been commenting on his favorite ones, and here are just a few:

They all appear to have a theme of “America” and “explosions” and “raptors.” That’s what Pratt’s about, and we love all the submissions that have been posted to his page. However, it does appears as if Pratt has picked a true front runner, and it’s the following:

Check out how everyone is riding raptors, except for Emmet, who is left to run away on Lego-foot, because that is major LOL.

Pratt’s Facebook contest is still currently open, so what are you waiting for? Put your Photoshop skills to good use, and really WOW our guy Pratt. Just don’t forget us when you’re famous and sitting all pretty at the top of his FB page.

(Images via Facebook and Universal)