Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 05, 2016 @ 12:59 pm
Credit: Victor Chavez/Getty Images

Before Chris Pratt was Chris Pratt, he waited tables in Hollywood like a lot of other struggling actors.

And things were so dire on the financial front that Pratt actually used to finish people’s leftovers!

He opened up about this “special” time in his life during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, and we’ve got to say, it makes us love this guy even more.

He also recalled a time when a customer asked for a recommendation on the menu, and Pratt suggested she get the “32 pound porterhouse steak” — for the sole purpose of him finishing whatever she couldn’t eat! So cheeky.

When she (unsurprisingly) left a huge portion of it, he ate it in the back of the kitchen (which he sometimes got “busted” for)…but then found out she wanted a doggie bag! OOPS.

Pratt obviously worked through this difficult time and eventually found steady acting work (and then, well, SUPER STAR STATUS). And we’re seriously so glad he did, because he’s just genuinely one of our favorite dudes.

We love how humble and honest Pratt is about his former life, because it’s relatable to so many people, not just actors. It’s a good reminder to never forget where you came from. Love you forever and always, Chris!