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Chris Hemsworth is a god among men. And not just because he plays an impressive one as Thor in the Marvel Universe. But also because he is clearly a devoted and loving husband and father (and also has the body of Michelangelo’s David).

As if it weren’t enough just to look at a picture of his smiling and melt, just wait until you see this unbearably adorable picture his (gorgeous) wife, Elsa Pataky, posted on her Instagram.

We’ll give you a minute to clean yourself up from the puddle you just melted into on the floor.

Let’s break down just how incredible this picture really is. In it, a gorgeous hunk is lovingly cradling his two (out of three) beautiful children, who are happily cuddling in his arms. He casually has his head leaned back to catch some sleep himself while an open bag of chips sits comfortably in the middle of the tableau, a very typical (and relatable) dad-style nap.

Basically, it is perfect.

The best part about this picture (if we even had to choose) is that it was taken and posted by the clearly proud mother (and wife), and shows a not-often-seen side of Chris Hemsworth, the superhero. It shows him in an unguarded moment, not posed and smiling for the cameras or reciting lines from well-rehearsed stories for our entertainment. It shows his true self. And even behind-the-scenes, he is beyond swoon-worthy on so many levels.

Thank you for sharing this precious moment with all of us, Elsa. (Even if it makes us all even more obsessed with your husband.)

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