Rachel Paige
February 05, 2016 1:31 pm

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of the lady-powered Ghostbusters reboot this summer, Lego has gone ahead and released images of all the brand new pieces. We’ve got tiny adorable figures for the film’s main stars — funny ladies Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones — and also one for their trusty receptionist, played by Chris Hemsowrth. Every picture we’ve seen of Hemsworth’s Kevin has gives us heart-eye emojis, and this Lego makes us feel the same way.

Look at that adorable little Lego scruff! It’s seriously too cute for words… and it’s also maybe a little spoiler. Maybe. That’s because this morning, Lego unveiled two different versions of this Lego Kevin on Facebook — and then hours later removed the second one from the album. If our tingling Ghostbusters-sense is to be believed, then there might be potential spoilers for the movie ahead. That is, if we’re right about this.

Along with a normal looking Kevin Lego, a picture of a totally-possessed looking Kevin Lego was released, too. Odd thing is, we’ve seen this real-life picture before, but Hemsworth did not look possessed (he actually looked like the happiest boy ever). This second version of Lego Kevin has his glasses askew, beady red eyes, and a furrowed brow. Uh oh.  And don’t try searching for this Lego anywhere in the album, because it’s GONE. We managed to grab a screenshot before it disappeared. But it’s still making us think, uh oh. 


The plot of the movie is still completely top-secret, so it’s hard to tell exactly what this scary looking Kevin figure means. Maybe he just gets really mad one day, because the Lady Ghostbusters go out to have all the fun without him, and he feels left out. Or maybe it’s because he’s completely taken over by one of the ghosts these gals are trying to bust. Maybe he just Hulked-out.

These are our guesses, and maybe this all means nothing… but why create a scary looking Hemsworth Lego if you don’t have to?? We feel like Kristen Wiig’s Lego Erin looking at this possibly possessed Lego:

Before we get too wrapped up in this Hemsworth Lego, let’s remember what brought us here to begin with: the super amazing Lady Ghostbusters. They’ve all got their own Lego, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

Posted by LEGO on Friday, February 5, 2016

The set goes on sale this summer, just in time for the movie to open. We’re prepping ourselves to not be afraid of no ghosts. And also not afraid of any ghost-like Hemsworths (JUST IN CASE).