chris evans
Credit: Instagram

As if Chris Hemsworth didn’t give us enough to swoon about, he’s filled our hearts to the brim again — this time, by being a totally profesh baker to make his daughter’s birthday special.

Over the weekend, Chris and his wife, Elsa Pataky, were hard at work giving their daughter, India, a super sweet celebration for her fourth birthday. The only problem? The local bakery couldn’t follow through. “What happens when the bakery says they don’t have time to make your daughter a birthday cake?” Chris wrote in the caption. “You get involved and smash one out yourself!” He dubbed the cake a fittingly fancy name: “La TRex [sic] a la chocolate.” Yep, seems right to us.

Elsa also posted a picture of Chris hard at work, captioning the Insta: “Papa working hard on India’s birthday cake! Happy birthday India, love you more than anything!”

CUTENESS. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen photo evidence that Chris is the actual cutest dad. Elsa has posted PLENTY of adorbs pictures of her husband with all three of their children, and it gets us right in the feels every time.

Hmm, does Chris Hemsworth take orders? We kinda want a homemade T-Rex cake for our next birthday, too . . .