Christina Pellegrini
June 18, 2016 12:20 pm
Paramount Pictures

Anyone who’s ever played the job hunt game (so, pretty much everyone) knows how hard it is to stand out among the competition. How many times do you send off a resumé, only to have it vanish down a black hole, never to hear from the company again?

Renata Chunderbalsingh of Sydney, Australia, is all too familiar with the struggle of finding employment, so she decided to do something that would make her stand out.

So she turned her resumé into a chocolate bar wrapper!

Renata wanted to transition from education to market research, so she needed to do something that was going to help her get noticed despite a lack of relevant experience.

“I am new to the industry, and was thinking well, ‘how can I get out there and tell them that I’m good?'” Renata told Mashable Australia. “I thought, I have to differentiate myself from the crowd.”

She got a little help designing it, but printed and wrapped the resumé candy bars herself (the chocolate is Lindt, we were happy to learn), before sending out a few to hiring companies and recruitment agencies.

One of the recipients was Gemma Lewis at Resources Group, who wrote a glowing post on LinkedIn.

“Ingenious application surprised us in the post this morning, Gemma wrote. “Our first RESUME BAR! Not sure if we were bribed or charmed, but either way it prompted a lovely chat with Renata this morning.”

Gemma is now doing her best to connect Renata to the right people, so clearly, it worked!

We hope her delicious chocolate bar stunt pans out into a sweet gig soon! Anybody know if this guy is hiring?