Olivia Jakiel
Updated Sep 19, 2016 @ 2:01 pm
Credit: In Defense of Animals - Africa / Facebook

Gather ’round, y’all because this is the story of an elderly rescue chimp named Bouboule who is not only sweet and loving (she took in four baby chimps and raised them as her own), but also smart and savvy AF!

Bouboule lives at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, a sanctuary located in Africa that “occupies over two square kilometers and is currently home to 72 chimpanzees and five to eight humans at any one time.” Most of the rescue animals actually sleep in little houses made just for them; however, Bouboule instead chooses to sleep under the stars in the forest and always comes out to her handlers in the morning for her breakfast.


One morning, she didn’t emerge from the forest until almost lunch time, so her handlers had a LOT of food to give her. “When she showed up for the 11:00 snack of peanuts, [the caretakers] had a lot of food to give her,” In Defense of Animals Africa wrote in a Facebook post. “She clearly wanted to carry her bounty of fruits and nuts back to the forest to savor, as she sometimes chooses to do with her food, but this day it was too much for her hands to carry.”

Credit: In Defense of Animals - Africa / Facebook

So, what did she do? The cutie little genius actually MADE a purse out of leaves to carry all of her snacks in.

LOL! That is 100% what we would do because what better way to carry food on the go than in your purse? How functional AND smart!

It’s safe to say that Bouboule is our new hero! Keep doin’ you, Bouboule.