Jill Layton
February 11, 2015 11:09 am

Hospitals aren’t fun. That’s just the reality of it. There are very few reasons why going to a hospital is a happy experience (giving birth is definitely one of the happy reasons, getting a cast put on a broken bone is definitely not). Most hospitals feels scary and cold — with their sterile, white, barren hallways and rooms, and their fluorescent lighting. As welcoming as doctors, nurses and other hospital staff try to be, hospitals themselves just aren’t always that comforting.

But why? Why are hospitals so sad? Shouldn’t they be happy and encouraging environments for healing? The whole purpose of hospitals is to try and get better, right? So, why not make hospitals a more warm and pleasant place to be? Especially children’s hospitals.

Well the Royal London Hospital for Children commissioned Vital Arts, an organization that uses art to make hospitals a less scary and more welcoming place for patients, to decorate the entire hospital with fun, kid-friendly artwork and designs. A different artist was responsible for each room, and the results are beautiful and perfect. Buzzfeed profiled the project and we loved hearing about it so much that we had to pass along the word.

Neesha Gobin of Vital Arts talked to BuzzFeed News about the organization’s purpose in creating original artwork for children’s hospitals.

The world needs more organizations like Vital Arts to help make every hospital less intimidating. And our two cents would be to make ALL hospitals more friendly, not just children’s hospitals. Grown ups need cheering up sometimes too.

Take a look at some of the fantastic art made especially for the kiddos at Royal London Hospital for Children:

And check out the rest of the sunshine-y glorious images on Buzzfeed.