Emily Baines
February 05, 2017 7:42 am
Two Creative Chicks/ www.youtube.com

We’re all looking to feel a bit better about our country lately. So this clip of a chicken playing “America the Beautiful” on the piano is everything. At least now when we aren’t busy supporting the #DressLikeAWoman pushback, we have this talented fowl to cheer us up!

Meet Jokgu, the 19-month-old Buff Brahma chicken whose rendition of “America the Beautiful” is quite poultry-otic.

Jokgu’s got our feathers a’fluttering for sure!

Jokgu is a member of The Flockstars, a band of chickens who not only play keyboard, but drums, as well! Shannon Myers, who co-owns the coop that houses The Flockstars, trains her hens to peck with simple clicker training. Her training style is similar to how you’d train a dog. To reward good behavior, Shannon clicks a clicker and then hands the chicken a treat. Eventually, the chicken learns to perform that behavior when he hears the click.

She explained the band’s origins as a means of filtering the chicken’s energy.

When most of us are bored, we doodle. We don’t take up the piano!

While The Flockstars continue to grow in popularity, they rarely travel. Myers admits that she does not want to subject the chickens to the stress of travel, explaining, “That’s why we do videos.”

Check out The Flockstars performing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

We’ll admit it – these chickens play the piano far better than we ever did.