Briana Hansen
May 22, 2016 9:00 am

Dreams do come true! The woman (Candace Payne) who brought us the hilariously entertaining Chewbacca mask video is now being featured in another video. And if the last one made you laugh ’til you cried, this one will make you smile ’til it hurts (and maybe elicit some sweet tears to come out) thanks to generosity and kindness displayed toward Candace.

The new video is from the department store Kohl’s, where Candace has mentioned purchasing the now infamous Chewbacca mask. And instead of it simply being Candace in her car by herself laughing uncontrollably at the silliness of transforming into a happy Chewbacca, it features her whole family enjoying some amazing gifts.

Since Candace’s video basically broke the internet (and understandably so since it hilariously entertaining), Kohl’s decided to bring her and her family a series of “thank you” gifts. The gifts included matching Chewbacca masks for the entire family (of course), but that was really only the tip of the iceberg. Kohl’s also gifted Candace with $2,500 worth of gift cards, 10,000 rewards points, and a ton of other fun toys that the family could enjoy immediately.

Candace (like the millions of people who’ve already watched the video) was totally touched. And, of course, they all had to try on their signature Chewebacca masks which was as adorable as it sounds.


We love that Kohl’s went out of their way to give back to this woman who made so many millions of people smile with her infectious laugh and enjoyment of the little things in life. Congrats, Candace and (her lucky) family. And way to go, Kohl’s!

Watch the whole sweet video below:

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to swing by my local Kohl’s and pick up one of these hilarious masks for myself.