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Pretty much, the 2016 mantra everyone should live by is:

“You don’t know a person until you’ve read their tweets.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is infamous for using Twitter to circulate his ideas on every possible political event. He has fat-shamed people and has even weighed in on the personal lives of many celebrities including Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart.

On the other had, Cher’s tweets give us a glimpse into the diva’s incredibly passionate, funny, but political side.

Recently, she’s been tweeting about how much she hates Trump, and has come up with a code of sorts, using the toilet emoji to signify Trump, the American flag emoji in the place of “USA”, and a BUNCH of red exclamation points emoji.

She’s offering a tongue-in-cheek view of politics that we all need right now.

Heck, we think her words deserve to be plastered on billboards and subway platforms across the country. Luckily for us, her emoji-filled tweets have inspired artist and designer Anna Niess to make a website that plays on Hillary’s campaign slogan “I’m with Her.”

The “I’m with Cher” campaign, a movement of smart, progressive, like-minded Cher fans, honestly should be a major political party this election season.

Credit: I'm With Her
Credit: I'm With Her

Though none of the merchandise is available for purchase yet, if you visit the website, you can add your email address so that you will be the first to be notified when they are being sold.

All the proceeds from future sales are going to go to Everytown for Gun Safety or a charity of Cher’s choice.