We all know Charlie Hunnam from “Sons of Anarchy” (and as the man who, for one brief shining moment, was our Christian Grey) and now we’re going to know him as super-awesome role model for other dudes. For a long time now, as an actor, he’s been a icon for traditional masculinity (I mean, have you SEEN “Sons of Anarchy”???), but in a recent interview with Elle Canada, Hunnam demonstrated his pretty darn progressive views re: gender. When asked by the mag what he thinks it means “to be a man today,” Hunnam replied:

“It means standing on your own two feet, living by your code of honour and being a rock for the people around you. But in the modern context, it also means being in touch with your feminine side. Men have to be strong enough not to repress their emotions; real strength allows for vulnerability.”

So, of course, “femininity” is NOT synonymous with “being emotional,” we’re not exactly on board with that idea/wording, but STILL, credit where it’s due, Hunnam is a role model for a heck of a lot of dudes and he’s using his power for good, and demonstrating that real men are in touch with their feelings, and being vulnerable can be the same thing as being strong.

His words also echo Our Patron Saint of Feminism Emma Watson’s words from an interview she conducted on Facebook last week for International Women’s Day:

“”I get disturbed by this idea that men can’t cry,” Watson said. “They can’t express themselves and I think that’s the saddest thing in the world. Being able to express yourself is what makes you human — it’s not what makes you a girl.”

So three cheers for Charlie Hunnam, doing his part to expand the definition of masculinity and promote gender equality!!

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