Rachel Paige
January 23, 2015 10:01 am

Emojis are really busy being awesome, lately. Most of the time, they’re functioning as a new form of communication, a language of images with the power to say things words just can’t. Now, they’re also branching out into side projects, like wood sculptures, clothing, and yes, art.

Rapper and newly minted emoji artist, Young Jake, has taken the time to create celebrity portraits entirely out of emojis. Know those giant pictures that are made up of tiny little pictures? It’s like that. But with pictures of eggplants, basketballs, hatching baby chickens and the laughing-so-hard-you’re-crying emojis. But is it art? Duh. Obviously.

There’s actually a website that lets you draw with emojis (because OF COURSE THERE IS) which is what Young Jake has been using. Don’t think you can just open up the link and whip out a life like rendition of Chris Pratt, though. It appears to be the most tedious and painstaking process, so all the credit to him for creating these highly detailed images, that do in fact look exactly like the celebrities.

And also, one of the internet’s favorite kids, Chloe.

Time reached out to him for comment, and he even responded with emojis:

To use emojis to describe how awesome this is, I’d give it a red, twice underlined 100.

Images via here, here and here.