As big as my celeb crush on Hugh Jackman may be, my celeb dog crush on his Frenchie, Dali, is even bigger. Okay, maybe it’s a tie. Whatever. You get my point. Dali makes my heart melt every time I see him walking alongside Hugh in the news. I mean, I barely even notice that Hugh Jackman is the dude holding the leash. He’s that adorable. I’d adopt him in a heartbeat.

Dali’s not the only one, though. We’ve got a few other celeb dog crushes (because of course we do). So here’s our list of celebrity dogs we’re ready to adopt:

Dali Jackman

I believe we’ve already covered my obsession (oops, I mean love) for this dog.

Allegra Jackman

That’s right. Dali’s got a sister. And she’s just as cute as Dali is! Plus, you can tell she’s a total sweetheart by the way Hugh is gazing into her eyes. (MELT.)

Finn Seyfried

There are as many photos of Amanda Seyfried’s dog on her Instagram as there are of her. Actually, there are probably MORE of Finn. But it’s the pics of them together that give us all the feels. This is love, guys. And it’s beautiful.

Archie Hammer

Full disclosure. Armie Hammer and his wife Elizabeth are friends of mine, so I actually know this dog IRL. And guys, he is perfection. Here’s Archie swaddled like a baby. I rest my case. (Seriously, I can’t with this picture. I just can’t.)

Lexi and Harley Hough

Julianne Hough’s Cavalier King Charles spaniels have got to be the most cuddly celebrity dogs on Instagram. And I want them. I want them bad.

George Gosling

This photo! Be still my heart. Ryan’s dog George is every bit as swoonworthy as Gosling himself. He even accompanied Ryan on Jimmy Fallon’s show and managed to upstage his owner. I’m so down with adopting George. (Call me, Ryan. No really, call me. Pretty please.)

LouAnn Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has several adorable dogs, but the newest addition to her canine crew—LouAnn the bull terrier—might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Look at that face. Just look at it! Even Bruiser Woods himself would bow down to this dog’s cuteness.

Lulu Tatum

Channing Tatum’s rescue dog, Lulu, is the bomb. Like her famous dancing dad (Magic Mike, anyone? Um, yes.), she’s got some serious moves. Lulu and Channing can even do to the Dirty Dancing lift together. ALL OF THE YES. They race together too. Just look at Lulu go. I’d totally take this dog home…if only I could catch her.


[All images via Instagram.]