Emily Baines
Updated May 15, 2016 @ 9:03 am
Credit: NBC

We all know movies create all sorts of magic in post-production. They add fangs, remove wrinkles, change faces. They also add height. For our fellow short brothers and sisters out there, take hope: here are 12 celebrities who are a great deal shorter than you think they are.

Rooney Mara

She plays such a powerful badass in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that we were shocked to learn she is only 5’2″!

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Josh Hutcherson

At 5’6″, Hutcherson’s Peeta may not have seemed like a likely winner of The Hunger Games, but we all know he proved that wrong… winning not just the games, but Katniss’ heart.

Credit: Lionsgate Films

Natalie Portman

She played a deceptively delicate ballerina in Black Swan, so it’s not too surprising that Portman is only 5’3″!

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Daniel Radcliffe

One of Hollywood’s most adored young celebrities stands at 5’5″, but Harry Potter was nonetheless quite the impressive presence at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has made her name playing powerful and dynamic women, so we were totally shocked to learn that she is 5’2″! Yet when standing next to powerful businessman Jack Donaghy, it’s Hayak who dominates.

Credit: NBC

Seth Green

Everyone’s favorite guitar player Oz may have been a werewolf, but he was also only 5’4″, a fact that escapes one’s notice when being chased by a mythical creature.

Credit: The WB

Carrie Fisher

She helped defeat Darth Vader and ruled a planet, but Princess Leia was 5’1″, a full foot shorter than her beloved Han Solo. We can only wonder how easy it was for the two to kiss!

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Hayden Penettiere

Save the cheerleader, save the world. Hayden Panettiere has proved in her many powerful rules that despite her height of 5 feet, she needs no saving.

Credit: NBC

Michael J. Fox

Our favorite time traveler is surprisingly 5’4″!

Credit: Universal Pictures

Reese Witherspoon

At 5’1″, tiny Reese Witherspoon seemed to be the size of the backpack she had to carry around in the film Wild!

Credit: Fox Searchlight

Dame Judi Dench

At 5’1″, Dame Judi Dench still commands any room of celebrities she enters, and appears a great deal stronger than her employee James Bond.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth’s 4’11” stature makes her beautiful and booming singing voice all the more surprising (and nonetheless enchanting)!

Credit: ABC