Madison Vanderberg
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 2:01 pm

Los Angeles is a city that loves to exercise. Check any celebrity Instagram and every fourth image is a gym selfie. However, famous people don’t go to LA Fitness. They barely even go on walks. Celebs love super-specific boutique fitness studios.

We tried several of Hollywood’s hardest, best, and most exclusive workouts and here’s what we thought.

1. Tracy Anderson Method

Lena Dunham and Gwyneth Paltrow are regulars at this super exclusive and expensive private gym. Classes cost $54 per (😵) but they are intense and worth it. The workout is designed to give you a “dancer’s body.” I attended the class and described it as, “If a hip-hop cardio class, pilates, and your mom’s favorite aerobics class had a baby and then that baby worked it’s ass off for one straight hour in a heated room while being tethered to the ceiling by way of elastic bands.” Also, you sweat for the straight hour.

2. YAS Fitness

Credit: HelloGiggles

Fit queen Kate Hudson loves YAS fitness which is a yoga and cycling studio and actually combines both practices into one comprehensive hour workout. Executive Editor Leonora Epstein tried the class and said this hybrid of the two activities was actually perfect, “I felt like I’d really done the best for my body: I got my heart rate up, then I worked on my strength, and also my flexibility.

3. Core Power Yoga

Vanessa Hudgens and Kaley Cuoco are devoted followers of Core Power Yoga. Think of everything you thought you knew about yoga and then forget it. Core Power Yoga is regular yoga on steroids. Our Deputy Editor Kayleigh Roberts went for a week and says, “It’s more about getting in a real workout and less about the oms and meditation and feels. Also, the rooms are heated to 95-98 degrees. Bonus! They offer one-week of unlimited classes for free.

4. Rise Nation

Hilary Duff and Emma Stone love Rise Nation, a relatively new fitness craze in LA that basically mimics climbing a mountain. Senior Editor Gina Vaynshteyn took the class and said, “The class itself was brutal. It burned. It hurt. I was clutching the handle bars so tightly, my hands cramped hours later. It was the Stairmaster ON CRACK.” It supposedly gives you a great butt.

5. Body By Simone

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss get their lean dancer/model bodies at Body By Simone. This dance-based super sweaty workout has two studios in LA and one in NY and our Deputy Editor called it, “one of the most positive workout environments I’ve ever been in” and a “sleepover dance party” that costs $30. It’s fun, hard, and filled with celebrity clientele. If you aren’t in LA or NY, the owner makes affordable workout DVDs you can do at home.