There’s no denying that 2018 was the year of CBD—it seems like it popped up in everything, from bath bombs to massage oils to sparkling water. But how do you know which products actually do what they say they’ll do, and which are junk? Well, we tested a crazy number of CBD products at the HelloGiggles office this year, and a few of them really stuck with us. Below, find four CBD products we’ve tried, tested, and approved.

Recess sparkling water

“I’d only tried CBD in balm form, which had been pretty useless for me. But then I got a can of Recess CBD sparkling water to test for HG, and oh my god. After drinking half of the can (which was a tasty blackberry chai flavor—though be warned, it is more like juice than LaCroix), I felt a calm sense of focus that I often struggle to attain. I was able to hone in on work tasks that I struggle to complete at home. When I finished the rest of the can before bed, I fell into a deep sleep very quickly—something else I struggle to do. Definitely want to explore CBD more after such a beneficial experience.”

— Rachel Sanoff, features editor

Dosist Calm pen

“I have talked about Dosist a lot, but it’s because it has truly changed my life this year. Calm, the brand’s CBD pen, has been my go-to when I’m anxious and need to chill out, but since it’s not psychotropic, I’m not stuck on the couch like I smoked a big ol’ indica joint. Studies have shown CBD to help decrease anxiety, and when it’s combined with certain terpenes—these are basically the essential oils of the plant world, and in this case, cannabis—it produces a synergistic connection that increases the healing benefits of each. This is known as the Entourage Effect. Sexy, right? So, Dosist has combined a high ratio of CBD with a specific curation of terpenes that helps create that calm effect.

A note for the CBD-curious: It’s important to purchase products that are labeled with potency so you know exactly what you’re getting. Right now, the CBD/cannabis world is like the wild west, so you want to make sure you’re using high-quality CBD.”

— Marie Lodi, senior beauty editor (and cannabis connoisseur)

“I don’t even know how to live without the Dosist Calm pen now. Every time I feel anxiety starting to kick in, I use that, and it calms me and my brain down.”

— Iris Barber, office manager

Charlotte’s Web Paws hemp oil for dogs

“My little senior shih tzu suffered a neck injury at the groomer this year, so to help her recover I started adding some Charlotte's Web Paws hemp oil to her food once per day. Not only did she recover faster than her vet predicted, she was more energetic and active than I’d seen her in a long time.”

— Stephanie Hallett, senior lifestyle editor

Rosebud 350mg CBD oil

“Call me cliché, but getting into CBD oil this year has changed my life. I swiped a bottle off the free table at work that was unbranded (literally just had a white label with the words ‘Sleep Tincture 500mg CBD’ on it) and took my chances. Thankfully, it did not poison me, but it did stomp out all of my anxiety nightmares.

Since then, I’ve moved onto more trustworthy products, and am gifting everyone I know Rosebud CBD oil. The hemp flowers in Rosebud are grown in Oregon, and the products are third-party lab tested for quality and potency guarantee. It’s pesticide-, herbicide-, and solvent-free, and the tinctures are mixed with coconut oil to give it a really light flavor. Seriously, I had a marshmallow-infused with Rosebud CBD oil this month, and it was delicious and so unlike the overwhelming edibles I’ve tried before.

I put a couple drops of the 350mg oil under my tongue during the day to keep me calm, and plan to switch from my questionable nighttime CBD tincture to Rosebud’s 750mg oil soon.”

— Danielle Fox, social media manager