Candace Ganger
Updated Apr 16, 2015 @ 4:04 pm

For the record, I am a GWG (girl with glasses) so I’m partial to humans who sport them. It’s like a camaraderie of sorts. But you know what’s even more adorable than a human with glasses? A cat with glasses. No really: I can’t even process all the feels. Just check out these insanely cute photos. Warning:Your heart may explode from cuteness overload.

This first contestant went above and beyond with oversized glasses and a chunky knit cap, bringing a whole new level to CWG (cats with glasses). You’d probably find this super cool kat at an art exhibit quoting Confucius or Nietzsche while pondering the meaning of life and hairballs.

Not be outdone by anyone (not that she cares or anything), Grumpy Cat (aka 3-year-old Tardar Sauce) is crazy-fab with this masquerade pair of specs. Enjoy while you can because she’s probably plotting revenge on whoever made her wear them.

Mirroring a school librarian who is not pleased with the noise level, this spunky cat scares me right into shushing everyone and returning all my overdue books ASAP before a stern hissing takes places.

If you’ve ever had school pictures taken, either the traditional background for budget-savvy families (mine), or the colored lazers or outdoor setting, this pretty much sums up the Cadillac background I wish I’d had. Way to go, kitty. You win at life.

Every now and then, you’ve just got to chill. Throw on a cool pair of shades like this little guy, lay back, and relax because cat life is rough.

Some cats are their own unique blend of spices. This is proof and I love everything about it. From the round, retro glasses to the whole get-up. This cat knows how to style! Look out, Anna Wintour, sassy kitty coming through.

Every now and then, you come across one of those cats (or humans) that seems a little out there and it’s spectacular. Swim goggles on a cat because, why not? Yes, please.

Not everyone can pull off a totes Vogue-like photo shoot with ease but this cat nails it. It’s also fair to say her haircut rocks more than mine.

Lil Bub never fails me. Not only is she the sweetest, most photogenic feline rescue I’ve seen, but her personality really shines in everything she does, including this. From one former Hoosier to another, I heart you, Bub.

I saved arguably the best for last. Snoopy is the epitome of a cartoon cat IRL, and I really want to be BFFs. Yes, really. She’s that amazing, with or without glasses (but funnier with).

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