Feline pattern baldness afflicts over half a million kitties worldwide. And while advancements in hair transplant procedures have been made in recent years, the majority of cats still opt for old fashioned toupees to cover up those bald spots.

Most kitties seem to pull it off, but Dexter, a cat from Modesto Beach, CA, may just have the worst hair piece in existence.

“I walked into the office last week and there was Dexter wearing that… rug,” recalled Angela Morantini, who works with the cat. “It was so obviously a toupee, but Dex just goes about his business as if everything is normal. I almost peed my pants laughing.”

According to Morantini, Dexter wouldn’t admit to any of his co-workers that he was wearing a hair piece, but no one was fooled.

“I said to him, ‘I am not going to take you seriously as long as you’re wearing that thing,'” she said. “And he just looks at me like, ‘What?’ Hysterical.”

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