Jill Layton
Updated Jul 09, 2015 @ 3:37 pm

Pets sometimes look like their humans and humans sometimes look like their pets. It’s basic science. Ok maybe not science per se, but if you ask most pet owners, they’ll tell you that their pets resemble them — at least a little. I’m not really sure how it happens — maybe people are drawn to animals that resemble them — the same way people are sometimes drawn to romantic partners who share similar characteristics as them. Or maybe pet owners and their pets just spend so much time together, their physical appearances just morph into each other. OK, probably not the latter — but still, it’s weird and cool when it happens.

One photographer thought so too, but took it a step further. Swiss Photographer Sebastian Magnani took photos of cats and their owners and merged them into one fantastically strange-looking being. He brilliantly Photoshopped the cats’ heads onto the bodies of their humans — and the results are stunning and so realistic. Like, if we saw one of these cat/humans (Cumans? Hucats?) walking down the street, we’d be super weirded out and probably take a thousand pictures — because that’s how legit they look. Magnani posted the photos on Bored Panda, and we are so so so happy he did.

“Undercats” is Magnani’s second series of animal/human hybrids — the first being “Underdogs” — which is just as perfect and brilliant. See?

Magnani explained to us how he managed to take the most perfect shots of the cats. “I’ve made two photos. One of the owner. One of the pet. Important was the view and the position directly to the camera for best symmetry‚ then merged with Photoshop with masks — color correction and spot! Cats weren’t so easy to handle like the dogs. But with food and a lot of time, it’s easier.”

You can even have your own personal photo done of you and your cat! Check out Magnani’s website for more info.

And now check out the beautiful photos of Cumans (went with it):

Featured images courtsey of Sebastian Magnani