Bridey Heing
Updated August 04, 2015 8:50 am

If you have cats hanging around, chances are you’ve encountered the strangeness of feline curiosity. Cats are (more often than not) alert and aware of their surroundings, which is great when they’re in the wild, but can lead to hilariously weird behavior when they are hanging out in your living room. Case in point: These two cats trying to figure out what the deal is with a ceiling fan.

YouTube user Corinne Wilger posted a quick video of her cats, Athena and Apollo, witnessing the magic of a ceiling fan for the first time ever. The cats couldn’t quite get their heads around what the thing was, or how exactly to go about attacking it. Although one seems to lose interest, the other is determined to get their claws on the spinning fan.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the cats look a heck of a lot alike, and the moment when they are moving in tandem is giving us some serious Siamese-cats-from-Lady-and-the-Tramp feels. Athena and Apollo, we hope you weren’t haunted by the mysterious spinning ceiling monster for too long!

(Image via YouTube)