Here at HelloGiggles, we love dogs and cats equally and could (collectively, at least) never choose a favorite. They both bring peace and comfort to humans when we need it most, and are deserving of all the love and attention in the world (especially from the internet, of course).

However, that doesn’t mean there are not undeniable differences between the two; differences that A) make them good pets for different types of owners and B) are often hilarious. So when photos purportedly taken of a dog before and after he was called a “good boy” shot to the top of Reddit, a clever cat owner decided to try the “good boy” trick for himself.

And he got, well, a cat.

More Redditors soon uploaded before and after pics of their cats, with virtually all of them getting the same stone-faced response. That’s because cats are too busy serving looks and wearing epic Santa hats to care about human approval … which is basically why we love them.

Dogs, meanwhile, treat their owners like we’re Beyoncé at all times, which is basically why we love them.

So whichever you prefer (and if you love both equally, more power to you!) make sure to love your dog or cat like the “good boy” they are this holiday season — just, y’know, you don’t necessarily have to say it to the cat. Kitty don’t care.