It’s a well-documented fact that employers check out the social media profiles of job candidates, looking for signs of debauchery that might reflect poorly on the company.

If only Grimmace, a cat from Lunenburg, MA, had been aware of his Facebook privacy settings when interviewing for an Accounts Receivable position with a local packaged goods distributor.

“He had a great meeting with the manager,” says Rosie Stone, a friend of the cat. “His resume was perfect, they have a shared passion for yarn. We thought it was a slam dunk. Then, out of the blue, they sent him a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email. He was really heartbroken.”

Why the sudden change?

“Those crazy party photos from his college days definitely hurt his chances,” says social media expert and author Danny Fitzpatrick. “You’re going to want to go back into your Timeline and hide any of those red Solo cup pictures. And make sure you’re fully clothed in all the photos you leave behind. It’s just common sense, really.”