What happens when your cat becomes BFFs with your window washer

You know us, we love ourselves an unlikely animal friendship AND we love ourselves an A+ cat video, so of course we were going to fall madly in love with Guinness the cat, who lives in a high-rise and has developed a pretty darn awwwww-worthy friendship with the building’s window washer. (Thanks for the tip-off, TIME!)

As the window washer spritzes and squeegees apartment owner Rina Takei’s windows, her kitty is ALL over the dude cleaning up their view (or at least as all over someone as you can be when you’re separated by all that glass). Guinness is constantly pawing at the window, saying hi to the maintenance dude outside, and every once in a while the very good natured window washer will give Guinness a “paw” of acknowledgment right back. He’ll even play with the cat by tapping the squeegee on the window and letting Guinness try to “catch” it. This cat is clearly head over heels in love with the man outside the glass, and the feeling appears to be pretty mutual, the window washer is constantly cracking up over Guinness’ antics.

For the past seven months Rina Takei has been posting vids of her cat’s obsession with their window washer on her YouTube, below is just one example of all the cuteness. Watch and get ready to have your heart explode into cartoon hearts.


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(Image via YouTube.)