Gina Vaynshteyn
March 05, 2015 5:29 am

Ms. Baby Kitty, a dazzling white-and-black cat, knows a thing or two about style. Her human, Megan Martinez-Thredgold, dresses her up with scarves and bows and hats, and Ms. Baby Kitty is ALL about it. Megan told Huffington Post, “She has a favorite leather chair that she likes to sit on and I just place the hats and bows on her head, and strangely enough, she sits perfectly still. Treats do help.”

This cat doesn’t just dress up so exquisitely for FUN, though. (Although it IS really, really fun.) Megan Martinez-Thredgold’s goal is to post pictures of her cat on Instagram to get people pumped about adopting animals instead of purchasing them from kitty or puppy mills. So to raise awareness about animal adoption, Ms. Baby Kitty is transformed into a coffee shop barista, an Anthropologie model, the princess of Genovia, and many, many more looks we adore.

Take a look at some of this kitty’s fabulous head shots: