Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 25, 2016 7:28 am

When we’re feeling down, or, honestly, when we’re just feeling bored, we turn to the amazing cats of Instagram. They’re just so cute, and SO DARN FLUFFY, though even the hairless cats warm our hearts. The only thing that makes us happier than a kitty is a kitty that’s dressed up, so when we came across this furry friend who hung out in bunny ears because, seriously, why not, we were like, yep, that’s totally us in cat form.

It’s been a big year for cats. Considering how rough 2016 was, it’s no surprise that our cat obsession is stronger than ever. Seriously, cats are *so* good for mental health, and there are so many scientific reasons why you should own a cat. And scrolling through the cats of Instagram is almost as good! Now, a cat wearing bunny ears? That’s something we just have to have.

This totally precious kitten loves lazing around just like all the other cats.

But this kitty has one secret: it loves dressing up!

Honestly, now our dream is to come home to a kitten wearing bunny ears just strolling right through our door.

This cutie is clearly living their best life.

Just look at those teensy little legs go! Oh, our hearts are SO full right now.

We’d honestly give this cat anything they want. ANYTHING.

We heart you, tiny friend!