Remember when the Internet discovered cats are super scared of cucumbers? And then shortly after, we realized it actually wasn’t very nice to subject our easily-spooked kitties to cucumbers, because it stresses them out. So, we stopped placing sneaky cucumbers around our cats, because no one wants to stress their cat out.

But what happens when your cat gets scared of something a little bit more innocuous? Like, a toaster?

As if we needed a new way to describe a “scaredy cat,” America’s Funniest Home Videos just posted a hysterical video of a cat terrified by a toaster. The toaster doesn’t seem to be strategically placed to prank this kitty —it’s just, you know, chillin’, toasting some bread. And then bam! Out comes some toast, and this cat is NOT a fan of that sudden movement.

Watch and see for yourself:


(Image via YouTube)