Caitlin Flynn
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 6:39 pm
able the cat
Credit: Able Maew/Facebook

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the most unlikely individuals. Case in point — a cat re-learned to walk after losing his two front legs, proving that no one, human or feline, should give up after a devastating physical injury. Have your tissues handy, because Able the cat’s story is an emotional roller coaster.

The amazing Able, a 5-year-old Tabby from Thailand, lost his two front legs and his tail after being electrocuted. (We told you tissues would be necessary.) The poor little guy was just engaging in some typical feline fun when a freak accident left him gravely injured.

In addition to suffering severe burns, Able’s front legs had to be amputated by his vet. Post-operation, it took Able a long time to learn to walk again — at first, he used his forehead to prop himself up.

But, Able didn’t give up, and now he scampers around and is capable of walking almost upright — adorably resembling a T-Rex.

Able’s owner also told BuzzFeed that the cat’s fans are curious about his daily activities — and you’ll be happy to know that he’s living his best life by enjoying snacks and hanging out with his adopted sister, Fifi. Although he can no longer chase birds, he loves watching them from the window.

Copy that — Able is the most inspirational cat around and he’s living proof that tragic accidents are no reason to give up on life and all it has to offer, whether it’s watching National Geographic or zipping around like a T-Rex.