Natalia Lusinski
May 22, 2016 2:33 pm
Warner Bros Animation

We all loved Tom and Jerry as kids, right? (Or still do!) Well, now a real-life Tom and Jerry are here, via a cat and rat (versus a mouse) — only, in this case, the rat chases the cat in a new viral video.

The video first appeared on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site (think Facebook or Twitter), on May 10 and went viral.

The poor cat, whose name is Dai Mei (aka as Silly Sister), was terrified for the rat. The cat’s owner said the cat was being watched by a friend at the time.

Just like a typical episode of Tom and Jerry, the two chase each other around… but the cat was the victim this time, and even jumps at one point. “Dai Mei is a timid cat,” said the owner. “In the past, when there were strangers visiting our home, she would be terrified, too.”

This was the cat’s first encounter with a rat, said her owner, and, TBH — we would run like crazy if a rat was chasing us, too.

On Chinese website, users had various things to say about the viral juxtaposition. “The rat is too brave,” said one user, while another seemed to comment on falling standards in the cat world by adding, “The point is the rat should dare to chase the cat. The world has changed.”

That, it has. What did the cat’s owner think, though? “I keep Dai Mei as a friend and a companion. She is a pet, and is not raised to catch rats. It’s not a big deal that she is afraid of rats. Times are different, why do cats have to catch rats?”

Exactly! (Again, think about if a rat started chasing you… Yikes!)

Want to check out the viral cat-and-rat version of Tom and Jerry?

Check out the clip here.