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June 16, 2015 12:04 pm

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. Springtime is an ideal season for cat plants.

Reddit: Drewismyname

2. Cat plants can add a nice touch to any doorstep …

Reddit: for_cear

3. … or windowsill!

Reddit: ErrolChrist1

4. Don’t crowd your cat plants — unless they’re in need of some cuddles.

Reddit: markdo

5. A cat plant will require plenty of shade …

Reddit: Bourbeau

6. … But a few rays of sunshine are necessary for optimal basking opportunities.

Reddit: nefariouslylupine

7. Cat plants are lazy sometimes. Just roll with it.

Reddit: kixu6964

8. Be careful to not mislabel your cat plant. That is not a lemon tree, obvs!

Reddit: Erft

9. Proper grooming will ensure your cat plant blooms magnificently.

Reddit: goodquestionaguado

10. Try to not startle your cat plant. They may flee their pot, and then you’ll be back at square one.

Reddit: tommyrumbers

11. With a little elbow grease, you may find yourself with multiple cat plants!

Reddit: Zeoxult

12. Probably don’t water them, though. It doesn’t always go well.

Reddit: FinAgain

13. Coziness is very important for a happy cat plant.

Reddit: seimungbing

14. Talking to your cat plant can help their growth. Don’t worry if they look at you like you’re an idiot.

Reddit: Zerocool1996

15. A tasteful cat plant can spice up any boring foyer!

Reddit: alpinemonster12

16. Your cat plant may doze occasionally. This is normal.

Reddit: Kittsmi

17. If your cat plant assumes the doughnut position, you’re doing something right.

Reddit: Basque17

18. Your cat plant may end up being quite voluptuous, so make sure you choose a spacious pot.

Reddit: drewc34

19. The cat plant may try to muscle out your other plants. Sadly, there is no way to avoid this.

Reddit: Little2

20. Given the right pot placement and environment, your cat plant should be ready to flourish!

Reddit: leandra433

21. Be careful though — cat plants can be sneaky. Watch your back.

Reddit: captaincoupi