Gina Mei
Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 11:09 am
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Great Kitten, a London-based startup (that, yes, plays on “Great Britain” for its name), has officially started crowdfunding in order to establish the world’s first cat movie theater and café. Launched by feline lovers Paula Siedlecka and William Piper, Great Kitten aims to combine a love of film, tea, and cats into one perfect package. According to their crowdfunding page, the theater will play ten films a week and allow viewers to kick back, relax, and enjoy a quality movie in the company of kittens, because heaven is a place on earth.

Siedlecka and Piper claim that the UK is a country of cat lovers (26% of households have at least one), but since many London landlords have strict pet rules, they wanted to give cat-lovers who can’t own a pet, a place to cuddle with them. And in case you were worried, the safety, happiness, and care of the cats are Great Kitten’s number one priority. Siedlecka and Piper intend to adopt ten cats from a shelter, and will make sure the furry pals are “sociable, friendly towards humans, and comfortable in the presence of other cats.”

The felines will be in total control of their environment and allowed to roam as they please — including to two human-free zones (one inside and one outside) and a play area with lots of toys and scratch posts. Patrons of the theater will have to adhere to some rules, as well: no disturbing sleeping cats, no picking up cats, no rough playing with the cats, no feeding cats outside food, and no flash photography.

“Our key mission is to be a forever home for our kittens and to promote cat adoption in London and across the UK,” Great Kitten’s crowdfunding mission reads.

Giving back to the community is a huge part of Great Kitten’s venture, and they intend to do so in a multitude of ways. The cinema plans to host weekly “Cat Therapy” sessions for those with mental health issues, disabilities, and life-threatening illnesses. They tout multiple benefits to spending time with cats — including reduced stress and lower blood pressure — and all the sessions will be free thanks to non-profit funding.

The cinema will also feature a “Cat Wall” where, working with an animal shelter, Great Kitten will feature homeless cats up for adoption in order to help as many cats as possible find permanent, loving homes. (They will double these efforts using their social media platforms, as well.) They even intend to hold “Cat Welfare” workshops, seminars, and committee meetings with industry experts throughout the month, to help spread awareness of cat health and happiness.

Basically, Great Kitten takes the cat café to the next level — and we’re already booking our tickets to London in anticipation of its launch. Find out more about the project and donate at their crowdfunding page here!

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