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Updated Sep 05, 2015 @ 12:23 pm
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If you’ve ever owned a pet, and if you’ve ever tried to give said pet a bath, then you know that most pets DON’T like baths. This statement is particularly true of cats. Cats tend to hate baths with the fire of a thousand suns (or, roughly the amount of hate they feel for YOU when you won’t let them walk all over literally every inch of your house).

That said, 2-year-old orange tabby Simba is not your ordinary cat. As Yahoo News UK reports, not only does Simba NOT hate baths, he positively LOVES them. In particular, Simba has a weakness for bubble baths. Once he dives into the suds, this little dude does NOT want to get out. So, basically, Simba is all of us.

“It was bizarre seeing him so happy sitting in the bath just like any child would,” Simba’s 24 year old owner, Helen Mason, of Essex County, England, told Cater News. “The first time I put him in there to clean him I quickly noticed that he loved being washed in the bath. Before he used to sit and watch us in there but I never thought he’d want to get into the soapy water himself. It was such a shock at first because he’d never done it before, since then we’ve struggled to get him out of the tub.”

According to Mason, Simba now has a couple baths a week, and is quick to pounce into any leftover water he sees in the tub.

“I don’t mind him doing it but I’m trying to curb his love of baths because he is a cat and I know it’s not normal,” Mason admits, “but he seems so happy in there it’s hard not to let him jump in.”

Being a lover of bubble baths isn’t the only thing that makes Simba special. He also loves to be taken on outside walks on a leash and (get this) if he’s let off his leash HE’S the one who will chase dogs in the park.

“It’s really funny to watch him chase after other pets as all he wants to do is play,” Mason explained.

Simba is breaking basically every cat rule and we are all kinds of obsessed with this straight-up iconoclast. His owner is equally obsessed (and also a little bewildered) by her rebel-without-a-cause kitty.

“When we got Simba I knew he was a bit of a character and not your average cat,” Helen admitted. “But I never imaged he’d be like this”

May Simba start a revolution of cats loving bubble baths and wanting to play with neighborhood puppies, because that is the stuff of pet-obsessed-internet dreeeeeams.


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