Cameron Glover
Updated December 28, 2016

If you have an attic in your house or grew up with one, you know the mystery and wonder that comes from exploring the surprises it can hold. People have uncovered long-lost family heirlooms and priceless sentimental treasures, but what about a cat? We have a story for you that starts out very upsetting — but thankfully, has a happy ending.

A cat who had been living in an attic for 13 years has been rescued, and is finally getting the loving forever home that she deserves.

Cue the waterworks.

The story goes as follows: the Humane Society of New York received a call from a man, admitting that he’s been keeping his cat confined to the attic of his house for the last 13 years (monstrous). The man and his wife were moving and wanted to get rid of the cat — they’d never even named her. Luckily the Humane Society was able to take her in, and she stayed with them for six weeks.

Giving her food, shelter, and a name — Andrea — they were happy to report that she had already improved so much in the short time that she spent with them. Once afraid to even leave her bed at the shelter, she quickly grew to love chin scratches and sunbathing.

And the news gets even better — she’s been adopted!

Her new owner was specifically seeking “a cat to love, cook for, and to keep her company while she listens to opera,” and Andrea turned out to be the perfect match. How’s that for a happy ending?