Rachel Paige
December 08, 2014 9:24 am

Currently, where I am in the United States, it’s snowing and 12° outside. So while I’m dreaming of warmer climates, I know eventually I’m going to have to head outside with a million layers on simply to get the mail. If I muster up enough courage/warmth, though, I could — and happily would — build a snowman or better yet, a cat igloo.

One Tumblr user, Charmeleon, snow-suited up and braved the cold to build her cat, Tamiki, an igloo, that looks just like a cat. It’s even got teeth, whiskers, and two pointy cat ears! Inside, there’s a blanket for Tamika to cuddle up with, should he decide it’s time for a snowy catnap. He looks quite at home nestled inside of the igloo, and while I don’t have a cat myself, I am very impressed that Tamiki is actually staying inside of his igloo — because my dog would peace out so fast and beg to head inside where there’s no snow and everything is warm.

I hope Tamiki enjoys it, considering all the work Charmeleon put into it, which according to her was “like an hour.” Pretty impressive. I hope this catches on and becomes a new winter trend, because cat igloos are totally something I can get behind. Stay warm, you two!

Images via here.