Step aside, Johnny Depp. Seriously, put away the eye liner and the tricorne hat. There’s a new pirate in town. His name is Zeon, and he happens to be a cat.

Zeon is an adorable orange tabby, and even though it’s still a week away, he’s already won Halloween. Check out his costume. He’s a pirate, complete with a tiny hook and everything. (No word on if there was once a parrot involved with this precious get-up. We hope not.)

TBH though, it’s Zeon’s attitude that really pulls the whole thing off. Shiver me timbers, he’s the best. He’s got even more swagger than a certain feline pirate we all know and love.

See for yourself! This little guy is just a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum away from his own Disney franchise.

(Image and video via YouTube. Gif via Dreamworks.)