Briana Hansen
Updated Sep 08, 2016 @ 2:18 pm
glitter cat
Credit: Kai Nimura/YouTube

After treating herself to a sparkling Lush “Intergalactic” bath bomb, 33-year-old Amanda Barron took a few minutes to enjoy some post-bath relaxation rather than immediately clean out the tub. So her cat, Salem, took advantage of the opportunity and decided to roll around in the sparkly tub, thereby transforming himself into the most glamorous-looking cat ever.

Once Barron found Salem covered in glitter, she knew she had to document his (hilarious) look.

The black cat’s fur glistens with every happy movement as he clearly has the time of his life in his sparkly transformation. And based on his dramatic poses, he totally knows he looks amazing.

Credit: Kai Nimura/YouTube

According to BuzzFeed, Barron said that Salem already has an affinity for the tub.

She explained, “He loves the tub. I don’t know why. He just LOVES the tub. The tub is magic fun place to him.

After rolling around in the tub, Salem decided to strut his stuff all around Barron’s home. Her place was quickly covered in sparkles before he hopped back in the tub to add another layer of glitter magic to himself.

Credit: Kai Nimura/YouTube

Finally, after several magnificnet moments of being the most fabulous cat that ever lived, Barron decided it was time to wash him.

Salem was (understandably) not happy about it.

Hopefully, Barron will opt for more glittery bath bombs in the future so Salem can again revel in his sparkly fur delight.