Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated December 17, 2016 4:15 am

As cat lovers *and* huge lovers of all things festive, our hearts were basically bursting when we came across this cat dressed as Santa. With over 40k views, we’re not the only ones fawning over this adorable Instagram famous cat dressed up in her mini Santa costume. Who can resist a cat in costume, let alone a cat “using” chopsticks, and all decked out in her kitty Christmas gear? No one, that’s who!

Nana, a white Persian cat, manages to look oh-so-sophisticated as she rocks her Santa outfit, complete with a teensy red jacket and hat. The only thing missing is the beard, and this super cute cat sort of has that covered, too!

Just look at Nana, an absolutely precious cat dressed as Santa. Between the cheery holiday music and her cute little face, we can hardly stand this level of adorable.

Awwwww. We just wanna squeeze her! TBH, all we want for Christmas is more animals dressed for Christmas. It makes us so warm and fuzzy inside.

Nana is honestly festive as heck, and we dig it. We wonder if our cats would hate being dressed up?

Probably. At least we can live through this sweet little buddy! If you know a pet dressed like Santa, we’ll take ’em! We have big dreams of hitting up the neighborhood with our squad of cats dressed as Santa to do some caroling. What? A girl can dream.